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Image of Eaton Greek Food and Burgers & BBQ Ribs

Eaton Greek Food and Burgers & BBQ Ribs

When you're in the mood for good times and great cuisine, be sure to check out Eaton Greek Food and Burgers & BBQ Ribs. The restaurant is located in one of the area's most pleasant settings and is known for its delightful staff and superb cuisine. The...

Image of Eros


Eros offers whole grilled fish, classic meze (dips, stuffed grape leaves, and charcoal-grilled sausages, seafood), feta-flecked salads, clay-pot-baked lamb, or chicken and honey-drenched Greek pastries.

Image of Exodos Rooftop Lounge

Exodos Rooftop Lounge

Exodos Rooftop Lounge has consistently high quality food and service, with generous portions at moderate prices and a casual atmosphere.

Image of Freeland Diner

Freeland Diner

Serving delicious Greek cuisine in a classic old world setting. With a casual, comfortable atmosphere and the friendliest staff to make you feel at home.

Image of Gigi's Gyros

Gigi's Gyros

A description for this restaurant is currently not available.

Image of Greek Corner Cafe

Greek Corner Cafe

For the last twenty years, Greek Corner Cafe has been serving north San Diego County with homemade authentic Greek specialties dedicated to pleasing your heart and palate. Our menu includes only the freshest ingredients and contains passed-down, traditional...

Image of Greek Delights

Greek Delights

A description for this restaurant is currently not available.

Image of Greek Eats

Greek Eats

Elevated casual Greek dining, you'll get all of your favorite Mediterranean dishes with customer service unlike anywhere else.

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