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Slab Concrete Crack Repair Sealant 10.5 Oz. Gray

Features Extremely elastic in most temps - moves, won't crack, even when cold Powerful adhesion Spans gaps up to 3 wide with no slump High durability - performs long-term in most climates Water based - easy to tool and clean up Ultra low VOC, no isocyanates - meets strictest VOC requirements; environmentally friendly, no harsh chemical smells Freeze-thaw stable Color - Gray Pack of 5

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Sashco Sealants 15020 10.5 oz Gray MorFlexx Grout Repair

Get Sashco Sealants 15020 10.5-Oz Gray MorFlexx Grout Repair for your next home renovation project. It is formulated to work with mortar and stucco and can be used for grout repair. This grout sealant is textured so that it looks like mortar, and it does not crack or fall away. It also stretches and compresses for a long-lasting seal.

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SASHCO SEALANTS 10.5-oz. Gray Repair Sealant 15020

Mor-Flexx, 10.5 OZ, Gray, Repair Sealant, Looks Like Mortar But Stretches Like Rubber, Adheres To Concrete, Brick, Stone, Block, Stucco, Wood & Other Masonry Surfaces, Paintable, Water Clean Up. Mor-Flexx, 10.5 -Oz, Water Clean Up.

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SASHCO SEALANTS Slab Concrete Repair, Gray, 10.5-oz. 16210

Slab, 10.5 OZ, Gray, Concrete Repair, Serious Fix For Concrete Cracks, Durable With Excellent Adhesion, Won't Crack Or Pull Away, Easy To Apply, Textured Formula Is Easy To Gun Out & Tool, Saves Time, Water Based, Easy To Clean Up, Sticks To Asphalt, Concrete, Wood, Brick, Stone, Eifs, Mortar, Stucco, Cinder Block & Itself, No Time To Remove Old Slab If Cracks Widen Over Time, No Isocyanates Or Solvents, Green Low VOC Formula Is Good For The Environment, Conforms To ASTM C-794. Slab, 10.5 oz.

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