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Image of Foot Powder, Moisture-Absorbent, 5-oz.

Foot Powder, Moisture-Absorbent, 5-oz.

Lucky super soft, 5 oz, moisture absorbent foot powder, made of pure cornstarch, 100% talc-free, absorbs excess moisture that can help cause athletes foot, formulated with special ingredients that helps soothe, cool, revitalize & comfort feet & ease painful friction from tight fitting shoes, use daily to help neutralize offensive foot odor, for best results use daily after bathing.

Price: $1.00 from True Value Hardware

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True Value Hardware Foot Powder, Moisture-Absorbent, 5-oz. $1.00 Visit Store
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Zeasorb Athlete's Foot Antifungal Treatment Powder, Miconazole Nitrate 2%, 2.5 oz

The Zeasorb-AF Skin Care Antifungal Powder is intended to help cure most cases of athlete's foot, jock itch and ringworm. The Athlete's Foot Powder, 2.5 oz, is a super-absorbent powder that efficiently relieves itching, burning and scaling. The Zeasorb-AF Powder contains 2 percent Miconazole Nitrate that treats and prevents fungal infections. Choose the Zeasorb-AF Skin Care Antifungal Powder for a quality antifungal treatment.

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2 Foot Powder Relieves Odor Wetness Moisture Absorbent Cools Comforts feet 12 oz

2 Foot Powder Relieves Odor Wetness Moisture Absorbent Cools Comforts feet 12 oz! Foot powder relieves odor and wetness and helps prevent athletes foot irritation. Dr. foot contains ingredients that provide long duration comfort and cooling while easing irritation from tight shoes, daily use to recommended to control foot odor. Ingredients: Talc, salicylate acid, methyl, caliphate. This listing is for 2 bottles (6 Oz each).

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Zeasorb Super Absorbent Powder, 2.5 oz

Soothes Athlete's Foot, Chafing, Heat Rash and Diaper Rash. Absorbs moistureHelps prevent growth of bacteria and fungiAbsorbs excess perspiration - for use whenever removal of excess moisture is desiredUse Zeasorb Super Absorbent Powder regularly to keep your feet and body dry and comfortable, and help prevent growth of bacteria and fungi;Zeasorb soothes athlete's foot, chafing, heat rash and diaper rash. Contains no starch. Expiration date: We have fresh stock each week with exceptional expiration

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Merchandise 0897558 Tinactin Athletes Foot Deo Spray Powder, 4.6 oz

Schering-Plough Tinactin Athletes Foot Powder Spray - 36 per case. Sprays provide a quick, convenient, no-touch application that leaves tolnaftate on the skin after the propellant and solvent evaporate. Your skins own moisture then dissolves the tolnaftate, enabling it to kill athletes foot, jock itch and ringworm fungi. Remember to spray evenly, especially between the toes, at a distance of six to 10 inches from the infected area. Clinically proven to cure most athletes foot and prevent most

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Medicated Body Powder, 8-oz.

Lucky super soft, 8 oz, medicated body powder, 3 times relief, relieves itching, cools skin, absorbs moisture, use for the temporary relief of the pain & itch associated with minor cuts, scrapes, sunburn, insect bites, prickly heat, rashes, minor...

Image of Toothpaste + Bonus Toothbrush, Whitening Anti-Cavity Fluoride, 6.4-oz.

Toothpaste + Bonus Toothbrush, Whitening Anti-Cavity Fluoride, 6.4-oz.

Lucky super soft, 6.4 oz, advanced whitening anti-cavity fluoride toothpaste, fresh mint plus a free soft toothbrush, fights tarter build up, aids in prevention of cavities, for a smooth, clean feeling, gently removes stains with regular brushing.

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