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Image of Arbequina Olive Tree

Arbequina Olive Tree

Fast-Growing, Hardy Olive TreeArbequina is a fast-growing olive tree that produces delicious fruit and oil.  Plant one near your patio or porch so you won’t miss a moment of this exceptional tree’s harvest.  These also do well in containers and adjust easily from outdoor to indoor for winter.Your Arbequina is great tree for the home gardener due to its small stature, hardy nature and excellent harvest.  This cold-hardy tree produces a small olive, but it has a lot of flesh and very small pit.  It’s considered a high quality olive and also produces good oil.  The fruit begins green and transitions to purple, then finally to black for its prolific harvest in late November.  Arbequina will flower at an early age, and although the petite, creamy-white blooms are mostly hidden by the dark green leaves, you’re sure to enjoy their fragrance.Arbequina will grow 15-20 feet tall with a 12-foot spread and an upright habit.  It’s self-fertile, but a good pollinator if you want to plant more than one cultivar.  Arbequina is adaptable to a variety of conditions, even doing well in poor soils or drought.  It’s even amenable to pruning if you decide to shape it a bit.Since ancient times, the olive tree has been prized for its fruit, wood, oil and the overall health benefits it provides.  Arbequina is a perfect example of how much one of these remarkable trees has to offer and how easy they can be to grow.  Why not try one this year!*High quality fruit and oil*Fast growing*Prolific harvest*Cold hardy*Highly adaptable

Price: $39.95 from Nature Hills Nursery Inc.

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